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May Nutrition Challenge 🍎🥕

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All participants receive: -A Week 1 consult with Meg and Body Scan -A Week 4 consult with Meg and Body Scan -A Bingo board -Sample shopping lists -Healthy alternatives sheet -MyFitnessPal tutorial videos emailed to them How the challenge works: • The person with the most meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) logged from May 2-Memorial Day on MyFitnessPal wins a Playa Bowls gift card. We are using the honors system, so be honest. J You have within 24 hours of a meal to log it in MyFitnessPal. If it has been over 24 hours and you forgot to log it, then that is a meal you missed. If for some reason you skip a meal (due to not feeling well, forgetting to eat, etc.), make a note in your tracker for that day that you skipped it so that it still counts towards your total. You do not have to change what you are eating unless you want to; we are simply asking you to log what you chose to eat. You can also log snacks, but since not everyone eats the same amount of snacks, we are not counting these towards the totals. • The person who fills the Bingo board first and turns it in wins an Eat Clean Org gift card. Each space on the Bingo board has a different action on it to support healthy food choices. We are using the honors system here too. Cost: $20 for members and $30 for non-members How to sign up: How to schedule sessions with Meg for consult/Body Scan: Contact Megan at (609) 287-6086 so that she can add you to the schedule.

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