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“Become the healthiest version of yourself, with the help of a personal trainer and nutrition coach leading you every step of the way.”

About Us


Here at Parallax, we not only coach you on fitness and nutrition, but we provide you with strategies and one-on-one guidance to enhance your lifestyle. This includes busy parents on-the-go, athletes who want to level up or those who want to improve their overall health.


We can create customized plans and easy tools to set you up for success. We all have goals and that look different individually, but together we can get you to reach your personal goals.


Nutrition is the foundation building block for long term health because it has the biggest impact on our lives. We are here to help you! Our in-house, Crossfit L1 nutrition coaches, Megan Bushong and Rachel Reichanek, will assist you in your journey! Our in-body scanner will log your biogenetic information and track the progress of your success.


As your coach, she will provide you with tools for goal setting, grocery shopping, meal prepping and daily check-in. With the help of CrossFit Parallax Nutrition, you will have the tools for success and a coach that supports your goals!

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I have tried many programs and diets over the years while trying to lose body fat and gain muscle. Some worked, but only briefly and we're so strict I would give up. Since having my son 3 years ago, it has been even harder to work on this goal. In February of this year I decided that after I moved from California, I was going to start investing in myself and my goals more. I searched Crossfit gyms in Cape May County and ended up coming across Cheri (Simple Lifestyle Nutrition). In September, once I was settled here I reached out to her and got started. 

Cheri helps me stay consistent with healthy eating and working out. I knew how to meal prep, but I wanted someone to take the thinking and planning out of it for me. Her meal plans are easy to follow and recipes are great! Cheri also does my workout programming and is helping me reach my goals of increasing muscle and strength. Having Cheri available for questions and guidance is definitely what I needed!



CrossFit Games athlete and a new
Mother of a sweet baby girl!!! First picture is 12 weeks postpartum and the second picture is 22 weeks postpartum. Although it may not seem like much has changed in ten weeks, she has gained strength back to her core, which is huge deal. Her body fat percentage is almost back to normal, throughout pregnancy she has gained a total of 24 pounds and approximately 8% body fat. Her main goal is focusing on strength, while still breastfeeding. She has gained 2 pounds of muscle which is also a big deal since this is a slower process. Rachel is happy with her results and enjoying her body transformations! For any moms out there, I would suggest following @rach_goldenberg she posts a lot of positive body image videos. Great content for building back your core post baby and workouts!



I was at a weight of 250lbs at my highest. I was miserable and could barely breath. I had weight loss surgery because I wanted to get back to a healthy weight permanently. I have always yo-yo’d my weight since having kids. June 23, 2020 I had gastric bypass. I lost weight quickly but I still wasn’t feeling healthy. I decided to go back to my favorite gym. I met Coach Cheri and she helped me put the nutritional aspect together with my weight loss. I realized I had no idea there was proper Timing to eating when working out. I have learned so much! I feel better than I ever have! I will never go back to old habits. This feels way too good! I am currently down to 154lbs which is 96lb total weight loss. I am a work in progress!



Before I started training and doing nutrition with Cheri I thought I could just pick up heavy weights and see progress. I soon realized that wasn’t the case. I began to plateau. I was not getting any stronger or seeing changes in my body that I had wanted to for so long. My eating habits consisted of wawa and huge portions of whatever I wanted. Also to add I really used to think diet was all about quick fixes like keto, etc. but overall it’s a lifestyle change. After starting a nutrition plan I felt like a completely new person. I wasn’t having my normal bloating or indigestion. While in the meantime gaining a healthy relationship with food and making it fun!! Along this journey Cheri also helped me get stronger and meet new goals I never thought I could. Ever since I started programming with her I’ll never go back. The workouts push me and always make a me feel accomplished. I’m stronger than I’ve ever her been and I feel great. Here’s to setting new goals. Thanks Cheri!! 

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